March 06, 2014
  HANDY Visits Behradise
OK, it wasn't just the opportunity to break from a...
March 05, 2014
  Scrap the Scrapbooks -- Just Look at Your Hands
Lots of people love spending their free time prese...
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    A Slice of Americana
    Break out the bean dip, the big football/tailgating extravaganza this Sunday is upon us!
      Giveaway Line-up—Need Your Vote!
    We've got the G Team working hard. The G is for giveaway; the Team is the TOOLBOX and the Handyman Club of America.
      Giveaway: Drill/Driver, Recip Saw
    You've voted on Facebook for which Ridgid tool you'd like to win in this TOOLBOX giveaway, presented by the Handyman Club of America. Now it's time to win the dang thing.
      Dull Blades? Not With This Utility Knife
    DIYers and home-improvement geeks always look for better ways to accomplish a project — and we want the perfect tool for any job.
    Juggling Chainsaws ... or Not
    Don't know whether it's authentic, but this Discovery Channel video hooks you right off the bat with the following claim: People who learn to juggle increase their gray matter by 3 percent. That is to say, their brain grows a bit.
      The Biggest Tool-Storage Roll Cab
    This is a big, honkin' tool chest — the largest tool storage unit on the market.
      Go All In: Build This Game Table
    Whether you dream of reaching the final table at the World Series of Poker or your game is Monopoly, this game table is sure to provide many nights of fun with friends and family.
      Pause to Consider the Paws
    Put yourself in your pet's position .... The sidewalk and ground are covered in snow and/or ice. You have to go outside four, five, six times a day. Barefoot.


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