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September 21, 2011
Manual Scraping? That's History
Spyder Scraper It's like manual sanding versus power sanders, right? Once you flip the switch and enjoy the sander's ride to smooth surfaces, it's tough going back to folding sandpaper and roughing up your fingertips. Well, the same can be said for this blade — which received a 94 percent approval rating from our product testers — that let's you minimize manual sanding.

Insert the Spyder Scraper into any brand of reciprocating saw, just as you would a saw blade. Run the saw at half speed, and scrape away. The Spyder Scraper's available in widths of 2, 4 and 6 in., and you can re-sharpen the blades.

Tester comments:

“This set of scrapers worked so quickly — at least 10 times faster than scraping by hand.”

“This product is great! I had previously tried to remove some glued-on vinyl tiles from by basement floor by hand, and it left lots of residue. This product took it off effortlessly.”

Scrape   without sweating with the Spyder Scraper.
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