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November 14, 2011
Handy Tool for Gutter Cleaning
gutter sweeper Gutter cleaning from a ladder gets high marks for being a high-anxiety, low-fun-factor task. So we're pretty excited to have found a tool that makes this nuisance job nicer.

Billed as the "ultimate rain-gutter cleaning tool," this handy little gutter sweeper fits on any broom handle or extension pole, so you can clean a gutter while standing safely on the ground. The device is even lightweight enough to reach a two-story gutter.

Paddles on the sweeper are the right size for getting debris out of most standard-size gutters. Spring-loaded tongs with paddle-shape ends open to a 16-in. spread, making it easy to slip the tool between gutter supports. See this video demonstration.

Don't want to buy an extension pole? No problem. Just use a long-handled rake, a paint-roller extension pole or even a pool-cleaning pole.

Fear of falling   off ladders — fuhgedaboutit with this gutter sweeper.
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