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December 01, 2011
Build a Drawer Box
Lenox Speed Slot Hole Saw
One of the easiest methods of building a drawer box is to use rabbet-and-dado joints for the front, back and sides. This joint may not be as impressive as a dovetail, but it's functional, sturdy and quick to construct. We also like how the exposed interlocking rabbet and dado look on the top of the drawer box.

Because the grooves for the bottom are exposed after assembly, this system is best for drawers featuring a separate drawer face, which conceals the groove on the side-panel edges. We recommend 1/2-in. Baltic birch plywood for the front, back and side panels and 1/4-in. plywood for the drawer bottom.

Make this rabbet-and-dado joint using a router table or a table saw. Equip the router with a 1/4-in.-dia. straight bit or set up a table saw with a 1/4-in. dado set. No dado? Use a single table saw blade and make multiple passes.

Follow   these steps to build a drawer box.
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