July 25, 2011
One Can Can Impress All Painters
Fiskars Uproot Weed and Root Remover
DIYers tend to take the word "finish" literally. After working long and hard to build the project, it's time to finish with a coat of paint or polyurethane or whatever!

Yet sometimes, just saying the word "primer" can P.O. painters, or at least try our patience. We'd rather not be forced to extend the project into two steps (and often two days); we'd rather get 'er done with one. Well, now we can with Krylon's new Dual Paint and Primer ($5 to $6).

This double-duty spray combines primer and a durable paint into one compact package. On metal, it provides rust protection without priming. On wood, it gives a smooth, durable finish -- like the coating that used to take two products. And Dual Paint and Primer (available in 24 colors in gloss, satin and flat finishes) works well on masonry, concrete, wicker, ceramic, glass and plaster.

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